Rap Blog: Legal Matters and Writing Rules

RioGrande Legal Aid AustinExamples of good thesis statements for narrative essaysErasmus rules
ADA legal meaningNew Jersey legal name changeCall Legal Aid Ontario
What are the rules for writing a haiku poemThe importance of law and ethics in nursing practiceIs dumpster diving legal in South Africa
Legal condemnation

Yo yo, listen up, I got some legal matters to discuss
First off, we got RioGrande Legal Aid Austin, they’re the ones you can trust
And if you’re writing essays, you gotta know your stuff
Check out good thesis statements for narrative essays, that’s more than enough

Next up, Erasmus rules, it’s an education game
Erasmus rules ain’t the same
And if you’re talking rights, you gotta mention the ADA
Check the legal meaning of ADA, it’s the American way

Now, if you wanna change your name, head to New Jersey State
Get that legal name change and you’re ready to elevate
Legal Aid Ontario, they provide free assistance for low-income folks
Call Legal Aid Ontario, it’s a helping hand to invoke

But enough about the law, let’s talk about writing rhymes
Haiku poems got rules, it’s a test of your times
For writing a haiku poem, you gotta keep it tight
And if you’re a nurse, law and ethics are important, that’s right

Finally, is dumpster diving legal in South Africa, that’s the question
Check out the dumpster diving laws, that’s your suggestion
And if you’re facing condemnation, know your rights
Legal condemnation can be a fight, but you’ll be set for the night