Legal Matters – A Rap

Yo, listen up, gonna break it down

From street legal cars to non-disclosure frowns

So buckle up, here we go

Legal matters, yeah, it’s quite a show

First up, let’s talk ’bout Lamborghini

Centenario, is it street legal, you ask? It’s no zamboni; find out here if it’s legit

Then we got leases, for your residence

Standard agreements, it’s just common sense; get the scoop if you’re gonna rent

Non-disclosure, you break that? You’re in strife

Legal consequences, it’ll change your life; check it out for yourself

Baker Tilly, a firm that’s so right

For legal needs, they’ll help you fight; learn more about this crew

Free housing advice, in NYC

When you’re in need, they’ll set you free; get help now if you’re in a jam

Room rental forms, a must when you lease

Templates and contracts, just sign with ease; grab yours today for peace of mind

Snow chain laws in Colorado, don’t forget

When it snows, it’s a legal bet; check the rules before you ride

Construction contracts, between owner and man

Sample agreements, get ’em while you can; download now for your project plan

AM Law 200, they’re so fine

Top legal rankings, it’s a real gold mine; learn more about these firms

Political asylum, in the good old USA

Requirements are tough, they’ll have their say; get the lowdown if you’re in need

So there you have it, legal matters on the street

From cars to contracts, it’s all so sweet; hip hop legal, that’s our beat