Armenian Weddings — Well-Preserved Customs

Armenian wedding events are joyous and formal occasions filled up with well-preserved customs.

While some of them traditions are getting to be more contemporary and secular, many still remain a part of the celebration. Incidents where date back to historical times.

Pre-wedding Engagement

In past times, it was normal for the family of the groom to visit the category of the star of the event and ask her parents for consent designed for him to marry her. This was a long method that could last a few months or even years.

In the event the families acknowledged the groom’s proposal, a traditional “Khosk-Arnel” function was held where the bride’s family members invited the groom’s family meant for tea or dinner. This was a chance for the two sets of families to discover each other and stay formally introduced to each other.

The couple would be given a good looking bouquet of flowers and a pack of chocolate, which was thought to be armenian women dating as a gift in the groom for the bride. This kind of tradition happens to be lost in most contemporary societies, even though it can be observed in Armenian homes today.

It’s also a common practice for the purpose of the bride’s siblings to have the groom presents, such as a diamond ring or rings. It’s a gesture of good chance and a friendly relationship.

After the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom will have a particular dance called Shabash. Throughout this dance, persons will throw money in the couple. This really is a symbol of best of luck and monetary success.

Armenian Wedding Dresses

In ancient times, a woman’s wedding dress was not only a one-time dress yourself in but rather, a highly priceless and important garment that was protected and passed on with her children. A bride’s dress has not been just made of silk or cotton; this needed to be very expensive, and it had being of the highest quality.

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Usually, Armenian women wore purple dresses, which will symbolized contentment and relatives hearth. The groom’s clothes had to be green, which designed male fertility.

A bridal headdress was long and dazzling with many brilliant ribbons. The bride’s hair was braided with lots of ribbons as well, to shield her right from evil mood.

The soon-to-be husband had to utilize expensive outfits, too. This was a sign of your importance of his position in society, plus it indicated that he had to supply for his new partner.

Guests were accustomed to providing the wedding couple monetary items. These were generally wrapped in gold and handed to the couple.

After the wedding, a big party occured at a wealthy cafe where a a few different dishes were served towards the guests. These were often combined with numerous salads and drinks.

Another important the main celebration was obviously a traditional bull sacrifice. On this ritual, the groom was sacrificed to a bull. It was a symbol of best of luck and virility.

The wedding evening is a special occasion for all those Armenians. 2 weeks . moment of serious responsibilities as well as a way to have a good time. In addition, it’s an chance to celebrate and show off your Armenian historical!